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1st Annual 48HOURS IN... HARLEM - 2011


6 Playwrights.  6 Directors.  18 Actors
...gave raw impressions of 6 provocative black plays

Original Plays

Dutchman by Amiri Baraka

Zooman and the Sign by Charles Fuller

Black Terror by Richard Wesley

Day of Absence by Douglas Turner Ward

The Colored Museum by George C. Wolfe

Funnyhouse of A Negro by Adrienne Kennedy


New 10 minute plays

Funny, I'm Still a Negroinspired by Funnyhouse of a Negro

written by Ayanna Maia


delicious (!)inspried by Black Terror

written by Harrison David Rivers


Potato Salad, inspired by Zooman and the Sign

written by Keith Josef Adkins


Undercover on Another Day of Absence, inspired by Day of Absence

written by Derek Lee McPhatter


Hunger,  inspired by The Dutchman

written by Mfoniso Udofia


The Masterpiece, inspried by The Colored Museum

written by Dominique Morisseau



Top Row:

Ayanna Maia
Dominique Morisseau
Keith Josef Adkins


Bottom Row:
Derek Lee McPhatter
Mfoniso Udofia
Harrison David Rivers


Top Row:

Christopher Burris
Tamilla Woodard
Melissa Maxwell

Bottom Row:
Russell G. Jones
Nicole A. Watson
L.A. Williams


Top Row:

Bruce Lemon, Laura Johnston, Axel Avin Jr., Chanel Carroll, Heather Simms, Crystal Dickinson


Middle Row:

Gillian Glasco, Jamie Lincoln Smith, Jocelyn Bioh, Elain Graham, Samuel T. Gaines, Willie Teacher, Tamela Aldridge


Bottom Row:
Marcus Naylor, Alano Miller, Gerard Joseph,

Ayo Oneké Cummings, Charles Browning

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