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2nd Annual 48HOURS IN... HARLEM - 2012


6 Playwrights.  6 Directors.  18 Actors
...gave raw impressions of 6 provocative black plays

Original Plays

The Amen Corner by James Baldwin

Topdog/Underdog by Suzan Lori Parks

A Soldier's Play by Charles Fuller

Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage

 Yellowman by Dael Orlandersmith

Diary of a Mad Black Woman by Tyler Perry


New 10 minute plays

Red Bottominspired by TopDog / UmderDog

written by France-Luce Benson


The Birthdayinspried by Intimate Apparel

written by Zoey Martinson


Turn this Motha Out (with Prayer)

inspired by Diary of a Mad Black Woman

written by Kevin R. Free


Half Brothers, inspired by Yellowman

written by Christine Jean Chambers


Soldiering,  inspired by A Soldier's Play

written by D.A. Taylor


Let the Church Say..., inspried by The Amen Corner

written by Marcus Gardley


Top Row:

Dominic Taylor, Marcus Gardley, Christine Jean Chambers


Bottom Row:
Zoey Martinson, France-Luce Benson, Kevin R. Free


Top Row:

Seret Scott, Reginald Douglas, Kent Gash


Bottom Row:
Axel Avin Jr., Ebony Golden, Patricia McGregor


In Alphabetical Order:

Reginald L. Barnes
Brittany Bellizeare

Kim Brockington

Gilbert Glenn Brown
Tre Davis
Brenda Denmark
Bernadette Drayton
Lynnette Freeman
Karma Mayet Johnson
Bianca LaVerne Jones
Russell Jordan
Clinton Lowe
Leopold Lowe
Maurice McRae

Tzena Nicole
Kiel Perry
Gayle Samuels
Chinaza Uche


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