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3rd Annual 48 HOURS IN... HARLEM - 2013


6 Playwrights.  6 Directors.  18 Actors
...gave raw impressions of 6 provocative black plays

Original Plays

Fences by August Wilson

The River Niger by Joseph A. Walker

First Breeze of Summer by Leslie Lee

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

 Crumbs From the Table of Joy by Lynn Nottage

A Tempest by Aimé Césaire and translated into English in 1985 by Richard Miller


New 10 minute plays


Where the Sun Don't Shine, inspired by A Raisin in the Sun 

written by Dennis A. Allen II


5% Ring Dream, inspried by First Breeze of Summer

written by Shaun Neblett


Brush Strokes, inspired by The River Niger

written by Nathan Yungerberg


Tempest Tossed, inspired by A Tempest

written by Myla Churchill


A Rose Deferred, inspired by Fences

written by Nambi E. Kelly


Teena...with Two "Es", inspried by Crumbs From the Table of Joy

written by Jocelyn Bioh


Top Row:

Dennis A. Allen II, Jocelyn Bioh, Myla Churchill


Bottom Row:
Nambi E. Kelley, Shaun Neblett, Nathan Yungerberg


Top Row:

Nicco Annan, Kim Brockington, Lydia Fort


Bottom Row:
Ira-Sharay Kip, Robert O'Hara, Shaun Patrick Tubbs


In Alphabetical Order:


Maechi Aharanwa

Keith Antone

*Ngozi Anyanwu

LaChrisha Brown

*Almeria Campbell

Suzanne Darrell

*Perri Gaffney

*Nathan Hinton

Jonathan Hooks

*Nathan James

*Tracey Conyer Lee

Shereen Macklin

*Robert G. McKay

*Herb Newsome

Tomike Ogugua

*Ashley Denise Robinson

Marcel A. Spears

Lelund Durond Thompson

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